How to get Adsense approval for Blogger?


How to get Adsense approval for Blogger?

How to get adsense approval for blogger
How to get adsense approval for blogger

There are so many people facing the problem to get AdSense approval on their new blogger website, Blogspot domain and some people even do not get any reply from google AdSense up to 1 or 2 months. So, here I will provide you the perfect reason for these problems and their solution that how to get AdSense approval for blogger and AdSense approval trick., Adsense approval on Blogspot domain and how to solve AdSense review taking too long or AdSense approval pending problem.

How to Get Adsense Approval For Blogger? 

There are so many factors that affect your AdSense approval and it get rejected so many times or it takes too long time to get reviewed.

Here I will try to answer and solve your various quires related to google adsense approval. The most common problems are you need to fix some things to use AdSense, we can not connect your site to AdSense and your blog doesn't currently qualify for adsense. So before applying for Adsense I will recommend you to read the eligibility requirements for Adsense carefully.

Here after following these tips you can also solve these problem. The different factors that why AdSense rejects so many times and their solution are given below:

1. Apply Process:

Yes, It is one of the most important factor to get adsense approval for blogger. When you are applying for adsense you have to keep in your mind that you must have to submit your domain in the format that adsense have asked to enter your domain.

Generally when you are applying for adsense you have to enter your domain directly without http and www.

For Example: as shown below.

How to get adsense approval for blogger
How to get adsense approval for blogger

2. Create Pages: 

It is the most important part of your blog while you are applying for adsense approval for blogger. Remember that you must have to create your Website Pages. The most important pages which are compulsory are:

About us: 

You can write here about you and your website that for what purpose you  have created your website and in which sector you will publish the articles. 

Contact us: 

You can Create your contact us page very easily. If you do not know how to create contact us page then visit here. I am sure after reading this post you can create it very easily.

Privacy Policy:

You can generate your privacy policy page with the help of privacy policy page generator very easily. Please visit here to generate privacy policy page.

3. Use Responsive Theme:

You have to Upload responsive theme to your website. It is one of the main part of your website and is one of the great factor to get adsense approval for blogger website.

Do not use outdated theme on your blog. While you are downloading free themes from google make sure that they are updated and responsive.

You can download new and updated theme from you can also search form google as adsense approval blogger template.

4. Write Unique Article:

You have to write your own article with your own words. that is called unique article. 

Unique means not that you have to write on unique or some strange topic that topic. Just make sure that you have to write articles with your own words.

Do not copy others articles from others website. It is One of the must important factor. 

Adsense does not website or blogs if you are write articles by copying from others.

5. Number of Articles:

It is not fixed that you have to write up to 10 or 20 articles. Sometime adsense give approval on 15 articles, some time 20 and sometime in 10 articles also. It depends on you that how much quality content you are writing. 

If there is more organic traffic coming to your blog then you can also get approval on 10 or 12 articles. 
If your question is about how much traffic required for adsense approval? then the answer is 0. Yes, if you have 0 traffic on your blog still you can get approval but the content should of high quality, unique and there should be at lease 20 articles on your blog.

But I believe  that if you are applying for adsense after  writing 20 articles then there will be more chance to get approval.

6. Length of Articles:

The article that you are writing should be at least 300 words. Adsense does not approve website if articles are less that 300 words. 

If you are writing 300 words articles then you have to write at least 30 and above articles.

So, It is best that to write articles of at least more than 1000 words.

But to rank on google 1000 words article is not sufficient you have to write articles up to 2000 to 3000 words. But for adsense approval you can write 1000 words article.

7. Domain and Age:

You can get approval on blogspot domain also but it should be 5 to 6 months old to get approval. 

So, If you are using custom domain on your website then you can get approval very easily and quickly and you domain should be at least 2 or 3 months old.

8. 404 Error:

Make sure that your pages are not opening with 404 error. Otherwise adsense will not approve your site.

When you changes the url of your pages then the previously indexed article opens with 404 error. So, for this solution you have to redirect your old url to your new url. 

You can easily redirect url from your blogger's setting option.

9. Submit Website to Google search console:

You have to submit your website to google search console. It is very much important and it helps you to get adsense approval faster.

Google search console is used to analyze your website's performance. 

To submit your website to google search console  at first search for it on google, open the search console page and add your website url and click on submit as shown below

submit website to google search console
submit website to google search console

10. Generate sitemap and submit to Google search console:

It is very much important to generate your sitemap. After generating sitemap add it to your blogger setting and submit sitemap to google search console also.

It will help you to get approval faster.

  • To Generate your sitemap you can use any sitemap generation tool  enter your url address  and click on generate sitemap as given below. 
generate sitemap
generate sitemap

  • Copy the sitemap.
generate sitemap

  • Paste in to your blogger's custom robot.txt section.

Add sitemap to blogger
Add sitemap to blogger

After doing this you have to submit your sitemap to google search console.

For that go to your google search console and go to sitemap option and add sitemap.xml to your site link. and click on submit.

submit sitemap to google search console
submit sitemap to google search console

11. Use Copyright free Images:

Do not use images directly downloading from interne or google. Google will not approve approve your site in that case.

But if you are editing and modifying the image by using any image editing tool then you can use and upload that type of images

So, I will recommend to use canva to create featured image  and edit the downloaded images which is available for free version also and very simple to use.

12. Other Ad Networks:

If you are using other ad networks then remove them. Otherwise adsense will not approve your website.

Because if you are using one ad network then adsense do not want to show it's advertisements on the same page and website.

13. Social media Sharing icons:

Use social media sharing icons on your blogger website which helps to build a trust to the google adsense. 

Link your social media accounts to your website social media sharing icons.

14. Customize your website and Make easy to Navigate:

You have to customize you website very well with attractive design.

Create Labels or Categories and add in to main menu. It will help your website to navigate easily. 
If you website is difficult to Navigate then adsense will not approve it.

Sometimes you may face with under construction problem. So, for that you have to customize your website very well and  do not keep any part empty. 

Some customizations tips are given here:
  • Add important pages and social sharing plugins on the header section of your site.
  • Add Logo of your website.
  • Add categories on main menu.
  • Add contact forms, search box, popular categories, and so on at your side bar.
  • Add Your contact, categories, Recent posts, labels, and so on on the foot bar.
  • You can add your pages on footer also.
Customization depends upon you that how do you want to customize your blog.
If you do not know how to customize website then see here;

15. Don't use content which violate Adsense Policy:

Do not use that type of content that violate the adsense policy. 

For example:
  movie downloading content is not valid for Adsense. And if you publish these types of articles and movies downloading link on to that then adsense will reject your approval. 

There are so many other content criteria also like you can not publish invalid and illegal contents. 
So, for this you have to read the Google Publisher policies very carefully which is very important before applying for Adsense approval.

16. Use the Language Supported by Adsense:

Always keep in mind that you have to use those languages only which are supported by google. 

If you are using the languages that is not supported by google then you will never get google adsense approval and that will be only wasting of your valuable time.

For example:
Nepali language is not supported by google so can not get approval on Nepali language. You have to use English language if you are Nepali Blogger.

How to Apply for Adsense For Blogger?

It is one very important part for adsense approval that when you are applying for it.

The improper method that you use to apply will take long time to get review. And you can think that if it takes very long time to get review and at last in the case if your blog get rejected then you will get very disappointed. 

So, for the proper way follow the steps below one by one:

Note: This is only for blogger not for WordPress. But the process is similar for both to create adsense account.

  • Go to your Google adsense official website.
  • For adsense sing up process click on Get started that at the top of right side corner. Then Fill your url of your site in proper way as given in example.  Enter your email address that you have used to create your blogger account. and tick on No option if you do not want to get any helpful email from adsense. And click on save and continue.

how to apply for adsense
how to apply for adsense 

  • Then Next page will be opened and then you have to fill your First name Last name and choose your password. And click on Next.
  • Then you have to verify your email that is real or fake.
  • After verifying the email. You have to fill your contact  address and it should be real so that you can get adsense pin after approval very easily.
  • Then you need to paste the adsense homepage code to the head section of  your blogger's theme.
  • Then wait for review.
  • Now, you can open your adsense account direct from adsense login and you can check either your account is activated or not .

How Long does Adsense take to Approve Website?

According to Google adsense your website may be approved in 1 day if all conditions satisfied otherwise in normal condition it takes 1 to 2 weeks to get approved. 

But in some cases it takes more time up to 1 month also. The cases that when it takes more time to get approved has been discussed below in different heading. If you are interested and facing that problem then you can go jump to that topic and solve your problem.

In general it depends on your Blog and content quality. If your blog is fully well customized and there are more than 20 unique and quality content then you can get approval within 1 day also.

But if your content is not unique , good quality, there are insufficient content, and not well customized blog then it may takes more time to get approved.

How much Traffic required for adsense Approval?

There is no any criteria of traffic for adsense approval. It does not depend upon your traffic.

If there are daily 0 traffic coming to your blog website then in that case  you can still get approval from google adsense. But you have to match the adsense requirement and criteria.

For example:
If you have custom domain added to your blog and it is 3 to 4 months old. And there are more than 25 or 30 unique and quality content, Your website is fully well customized, you have created all the essential pages. Then you can get adsense approval on 0 traffic also.

But My suggestion is that do not apply for adsense if there are not traffic coming to your blog because if there are 0 traffic then your earning will be 0. And there will be no meaning of adsense approval on your blog.

Why Adsense Approval is on Pending?

Adsense approval on pending and how to get adsense approval on blogger in 2021
Adsense approval on pending and how to get adsense approval on blogger in 2021

There is not any fix reason that why adsense approval is on pending or adsense review is taking too long. But some of the cases that are given below:

1. Improper Apply Process: 

If you are applying with improper process then it will take so much time to get review so, use the process as suggested above.

For example: 

If Adsense is asking to enter the url of your site and you are you are addling https:// also by copying from your url then it is improper way. 
So, Remove https:// from your site and just apply with 

2. Domain Name Changed:

This is one of the most common problem that creates adsense approval pending.

If you changed your domain name due to some reason or after applying for adsense approval then your website will not get review.

The only solution for this particular problem is you have to cancel your adsense account and reapply again. 

After cancelling your adsense account you will get a verification mail in to your Gmail account which will be valid for next 24 hours. So, you have to conform within 24 hours. And the you can reapply again.

While you are reapplying for adsense then it will provide you two options to choose either
  • You have fixed your problem or
  • Apply the same account for another website 
You have to choose second option and then again adsense homepage code will be generated for your website. 

And now you have to copy that code and paste it in to the head section of your blogger's html theme section.

3. Do not Re-Apply: 

Once you have applied for adsense approval then do not reapply multiple times.

Some bloggers use to reapply for adsense multiple times because of the late review of their site. 
So, keep calm and do not get aggressive for it. And wait for adsense reply mail.

And remember always that to not reapply for adsense because this process will increase your review time.

4. Parking Domain:

You have to check if your domain is in parking or not. 
To check this open your website using http and https. If your website is not opening by  using one of them then it is in parking mode.

If your website is in parking then adsense can not review your website. And you will never get any reply mail from adsense.

So, to remove parking mode of domain you have to go to the website from where you have bought your domain. And go to your account and remove your domain from parking mode.

5. Insufficient Content:

There should be more content into your website, if you applied for adsense and there is insufficient content into your website then it takes very long time to get review. And if your are not publishing any articles within that period then 100% you will finally receive a rejection mail from adsense.

 So, Apply for adsense only when you published at more than 20 to 25 articles and after applying for adsense you still have to be active and keep publishing the articles.

6. Navigation Problem:

If your website is difficult to navigate then it will take long time for review. For this you have to customize your website properly so that adsense and other visitors can find the content that they want very easily.

Good Navigation gives good experience to users also. And if visitors or users feel easy to use your website and they can find the articles of their choice very easily then your audience and followers will be increase it helps you to get fast adsense approval.

For good navigation you have to create categories or Levels and add them in to the main menu. And always use the theme that are easy to navigate.


So, here we can learn about how to get adsense approval for blogger, adsense approval trick and how to solve adsense approval pending and taking long time to review. which is very important for us. Because adsense is the main best method to earn from blogging. So follow the trick and steps suggested above and get google adsense approval easily. 
I hope this article will help you a lot and you will love it. So, Follow these tips and steps carefully you will 100% get adsense approval.