How to Open and Verify eSewa Account in Nepal ? complete guide.


How to Open and Verify eSewa Account in Nepal ? complete guide.

How to open and verify eSewa account in Nepal
How to open and verify eSewa account in Nepal

Today we will learnt about eSewa in details and how to open and verify eSewa account in Nepal

What is eSewa?

eSewa is an online payment gateway or we simply can say it is an online or digital wallet for Nepalese people. It is the first online payment system of  Nepal in which we can save our money and can be used for transfer or payment of any billing system. 

The main advantage of eSewa is that we can use it on our smartphone very easily with the help of eSewa application that we need to install in out mobile phone system.

It has been providing its payment service since 2009 and  have been licensed by Nepal Rastriya Bank as payment service provider.

It have been provided lot of various types of payment services and is very easy to use that we can simply use it's application in our phone and pay instantly. 

The top services that is has been providing are mobile recharge, electricity bill payment, water bill payment, online ticket for bus and flight, TV payment, online shopping payment, online ticket for movie, credit card payment, school/college fee payment, bank transfer, payment of any goods and services to their eSewa account instantly and so on.

Advantages of eSewa

There are so many advantages of eSewa. Some of the main advantages are listed below:

Easy to use and access

We can use it very easily because it's interface is very easy to understand which can be use by every normal people who can read and understand little bit about English language. It does not require  any well trained and skilled people.

Can be used in our Smartphone system.

We can use it's application in our smartphone system which is easily available and can be install from play store. We do not require any computer or Laptop system to use it.

Time saving

It is time saving also because we can use it in our phone and can be pay through it's application instantly. It saves our lot of time, whenever we are in long queue to pay for any goods/services or for electricity and water billing. We do not need to visit the office to pay bill of electricity or water and also market or anywhere for shopping, we can pay simply from our eSewa wallet and can be order any goods/services online using the payment of eSewa wallet.

Can be use and transfer money over the entire Nepal. 

We can use it's services all over the country (Nepal). If you want to transfer money or pay for anything from eastern part of Nepal to the Western area of Nepal then in that case also you can transfer your money and pay for that particular thing instantly very easily.

Limitation of eSewa

eSewa is the most popular and frequently used mobile wallet service of Nepal. There are so many advantages of eSewa account the only limitation is that it is not internationally valid and can be used inside country only.

If you want international payment and money transfer service then you can not use eSewa as international payment system.

Hope, in future we may use it as an international money transfer system.

How to create eSewa account

Now we will see that how to open eSewa account in mobile step by step completely.

Step1#: Go to the eSewa website i.e.

Step2#: Click on use app.

how to open eSewa account in Nepal

Step3#: You be will redirected to the play store then click on install.

how to open eSewa account in Nepal

Step4#: The app will be installed then click on open.

how to open eSewa account in Nepal

Step5#: Click on next 5 times 

how to open eSewa account in Nepal

Step6#: Tick the sign.

how to open eSewa account in Nepal

Step7#: Enter your mobile number and then click on submit. Now you have to enter the                      OTP code that has been sent to your mobile number or it will detect automatically                  is your number is installed in to the same phone.

how to open eSewa account in Nepal

Step8#: Enter your number, full name and gender then tick the I accept the term and                           conditions and click on proceed.

how to open eSewa account in Nepal

Step9#: Enter the MPIN for your eSewa ID and click on done. 

how to open eSewa account in Nepal

Your eSewa ID will be successfully created after this process. Your mobile number will be the ID and MPIN will be password or pin number that you have to use during login. So, we learnt how to open account in eSewa.

How to verify eSewa account

Now you have to verify your eSewa account. If you have not verified your account then you can not do the transactions more than Rs.500 and can not hold more than Rs.9999 in to your account. For more transactions you have to verify your eSewa account.

To verify your account Follow the steps below:

Step1#: Click on the profile then fill the details and click on submit.

how to verify eSewa account

Step2#: After submission you have to fill KYC. For this click on to complete your KYC                   click here option.

how to verify eSewa account

Step3#: Upload your pp size photograph and citizenship and click on upload. After this                      your account will be verified in few hours or 1 day by official staffs.

how to verify eSewa account


Today, we learnt about how to open and verify eSewa account in Nepal successfully. After this post i hope you will be now able to create your own account and verify it very easily. If you have any queries about this topic then feel free to comment or contact us.