How to Earn Money From YouTube in Nepal?


How to Earn Money From YouTube in Nepal?

 Do you want to make online money from Nepal?

-If  Yes then read this article completely. Because I will share the best and easy way that how to make online money from YouTube in Nepal and it is 100% trusted and real money making method.

how to earn money form YouTube in Nepal
How to earn money form YouTube in Nepal

Well, to make online money from home in Nepal YouTube will be the best method for you and everyone.

It is very simple, famous and one of the best method of online money making not only in Nepal but worldwide. Because it does not required any qualified or highly expert person. 

If you have any skill related to any sector then you can easily start your YouTube channel and make money by sharing your skills to the YouTube viewers  through videos which you have to make and upload it in to your YouTube channel. 

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video sharing online platform or website in which we can share the videos by uploading in to our YouTube channel. We can also watch the YouTube videos uploaded by other users which is free of cost just we have to pay for our data pack only.

YouTube allows the user to watch, upload, like, rate, add to playlist, comment on the videos and subscribe to the video uploader channel.

The headquarter of  YouTube is situated in San Bruno California America.

To upload the videos we have to create our channel on YouTube. It means to create our YouTube account in which we can upload the videos but it should be copyright free i.e. the video should not be downloaded from others website or channel. You have to make and create your own video.

Why YouTube in Nepal?

As we discussed above YouTube do not required any qualified and well educated person to use, create a channel and make online money. Only the thing that we need is skill. 

If you have any skill related to any field then you can make a video sharing your skill and knowledge for YouTube viewers. The viewers will watch your video and they can learn from your videos and if they like it, they will subscribe to your channel. 

Now whenever you will make and upload a video to your channel, they will get a notification of your video.

The video and its audio should be of the best quality and it should be problem solving of the viewers then only you can make subscribers and strong large audience.

Now coming to the point why YouTube in Nepal?
-Because there are so many people in Nepal who are unemployed, not well educated but they have some good skill and good knowledge about any sector.

-So, YouTube is the best platform for them to make online money. Only they need to do is that they have to create their channel on YouTube which is very easily to do and upload the videos sharing their knowledge and skills. 

-Another plus point for Nepali people is that there is not very much tough competition in Nepal because there are limited YouTubers in Nepal who is doing this or we can say there is only few YouTubers in Nepal, so it is very easily to rank and make good subscribers on YouTube.

How to Earn Money From YouTube in Nepal?

how to earn money from YouTube in Nepal

I hope it is clear that what is YouTube, how to upload videos on YouTube and how to  make good subscribers and audience on YouTube.

Now, coming to the main topic how to earn from it??
-For making a good money from YouTube you have to make more subscribers and good audience.

-For this you have make problem solving videos for viewers and your audience with best sound quality.

-Now, when you will reach 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch time on your YouTube channel then monetization will be enabled to your channel and then you can apply for adsense. For this you have to create your adsense account.

-Adsense is the advertiser program for YouTube which provides adds ( advertisement ) on your YouTube videos and for that they will pay certain amount to you.

-While creating your adsense account you have to fill up your address details properly because they will send a pin code to you at the address you have provided. 

-Once, adsense approved your channel then they will start to place adds on your videos. And you will get paid for that.

-To receive your payment you have to verify the pin(code) provided by adsense which you can get at your nearest postal office that you have provided to the adsense while creating your adsense account. 

-Then add your bank account to your adsense account. After this you will receive your payment directly to your bank account.

In this process you can earn money from YouTube in Nepal. 


Today, we learnt about how to earn money from YouTube in Nepal? I hope this article will be helpful to you and you will like it. If you have any confusion or query about this post then feel free to contact us and comment on the comment section.
                                                    THANK YOU!