what is a sitemap with example, generate xml sitemap?


what is a sitemap with example, generate xml sitemap?

what is a sitemap
what is a sitemap

 If you have a question what is a sitemap? sitemap example and want to generate xml sitemap then, this will the best article for you. 

After reading this article you don't need to search for it anymore. Here, I will clear all things about it and you will be able to create sitemap very easily. 

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What is a Sitemap?

Basically, Sitemap is nothing but an xml file which arrange the pages of any website in certain hierarchical order and makes easier for crawler to crawl those pages.

With the help of sitemap google crawler identifies your pages very easily and crawl maximum possible number of pages in short time period and this helps your articles and pages to be indexed very fast in to the google.

 Sitemap xml file made for google crawler to make it easier for crawling the pages.

Types of Sitemap:

There are wo types of sitemap;

xml sitemap#: 

 It is used and generated for google crawler to make it easily to identify and crawl the pages.

html sitemap#:

It is used and created for website visitors. When visitors visit our website sitemap then helps to navigate and find the particular article and page in to the website.

Sitemap Example:

The example of xml sitemap is given below:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Allow: /

Sitemap: https://www.technepaluniq.com/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

It is a basic example of xml sitemap. You can also use this sitemap on your blogger. Only you have to replace the domain name with your domain/subdomain name.

Why Sitemap is Important?

As we know that sitemap provides easier path for crawler to crawl the pages of website, the googlebot crawler can easily crawl our website pages and index on google in very short period of time.

We have to connect our website to google search console and submit xml sitemap file to google search console.

If sitemap xml file has not been submitted then it will be difficult to crawl the pages for crawler and it can not crawl all the pages and takes lot of time to index your pages on google.

It also helps to improve our seo(search engine optimization) setting and rank our website pages and articles on google quickly.

Simply, you have to understand that it helps you to index your pages on google very fast and you can rank on google first page in short period of time.

How to generate xml sitemap?

To create an xml file  we can simply use xml sitemap generator. Here, I will tell you step by step. Follow the instruction below:


Go to the google search engine and search for sitemap generator for blogger.  Click on first page.

generate sitemap


Scroll down and enter your domain or subdomain name and click on generate sitemap.

generate sitemap


 Copy the generated sitemap.

generate sitemap


Go to your blogger setting. choose crawler and indexing option and click on custom robot.txt file.

generate sitemap


Paste your code and click on save.

generate sitemap


Go to google search console and sitemaps option. enter sitemap.xml and click on submit.

generate sitemap

Congratulations! You have successfully created and submitted your sitemap xml file.


Today, we learnt about what is a sitemap? sitemap example, generate xml sitemap. after reading this post I hope your all confusions about sitemap has been cleared and you can create xml sitemap for your blogger very easily. If you have any queries about this topic then feel free to comment and contact at contact us page.

               THANK YOU!