How to fix breadcrumbs in google search console?


How to fix breadcrumbs in google search console?

How to fix breadcrumbs error
How to fix breadcrumbs error

How to fix breadcrumbs in google search console? Are you worried about it? No Problem today you can solve it very easily and from now you will never face this problem again after reading this article.

So, read this article completely. I will give you the best and easy way to solve this particular problem.

Before, going to the solution, first you have to know about what is breadcrumbs error and why this error occurs.

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What is Breadcrumbs Error?

Breadcrumbs error is not any big problem, it is related to labels of blogger websites and category in WordPress website. 

If you have connected your website to the google search console then obviously sometime you may have faced with this problem. 

There is a option available for breadcrumbs and your problem will show on that option of google search console.

how to fix breadcrumbs error google search console

Why Breadcrumbs Error Occurs?

There is very simple reason for this problem that why this breadcrumbs error occurs in google search console.

This error occurs only because of labels or category.

It is most important to provide the labels and category to your blogposts to ensure that your post is related to some particular category.

If you have not provided the labels on your posts and published it without labels then after sometime it is sure that you will face with this problem on google search console.

How to fix breadcrumbs error in blogger?

After knowing the reason behind this problem the it is very simple to solve it.

Now, you can easily solve this problem. You only need to apply the labels on your blogpost whatever it is related to.

Go to your blogger and edit your post in which the problem is showing. Simply apply the label on your post.

For example you are writing a post on how to start a blog, then you can apply "Blog" as a label on your  particular post.

how to fix breadcrumbs error on blogger

After applying the label click on publish. After this go to your google search console account.

Go to Breadcrumbs option, click on affected pages and  click on validate.  

After 24 hour your breadcrumbs error will be validated and error will be removed from your google search console account.


Today, we learnt about how to fix breadcrumbs in google search console. After reading this post I hope you can now fix your problem very easily. If you have any query about this post and any question according to blogging. Then feel free to contact us and comment in the comment section.
       THANK YOU!