How to Create the Best Privacy Policy Page in 2020?


How to Create the Best Privacy Policy Page in 2020?

create privacy policy page
Create privacy policy page

Are you worried about how to create best privacy policy page for your blogger?

If yes, then this will be the best article for you. So, don't leave the site without reading the whole article. After reading this article you do not need to search more for it.

If you are new in blogging and you don't know about privacy policy page and how to create it, then this is for you also. Here, I will answer you all queries about privacy policy page.

What is Privacy Policy Page?

Privacy Policy page is one of the most important page for blogger. If you are a blogger and you have your own website then you must have some privacy rules for your article readers.

Your privacy policy page suggests some rules and regulations for your website visitors that what kind of rules they have to follow when visiting your site.

You should also follow some rules and policy when you are publishing your articles. Otherwise your website can be blocked. It will be under the control of google because it doesn't allow to publish some sensitive articles and it has also some privacy rules applicable to bloggers also.

In this page we have to specify all the policy for our website while we are creating it and people and other third party advertisers must have to follow that terms and conditions while using our website.

Privacy policy page is must for our safety and privacy. And it is applicable to all types of site visitors, advertising partners and third party advertisers.

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Why to Create Privacy Policy Page?

As we already discussed about what is privacy and policy page and what is its purpose.

Privacy and policy is most important for our safety purpose and it provides some rule bounding for other advertising partners and website visitors.

Other reason is that, if you are a blogger then sure you want adsense approval on your blog to earn form it by adding the advertisements on your blog sites.

Other various reason and factors to create this page is that you must have to specify and mentions so many rules and regulations.

Some of the main part of privacy policy you need to mentions are given below:

Log files#:

Log files collects the data and information of site visitors. The various data and information may include IP(internet protocol) address, ISP(internet service provider), browser type, time and date etc.
You have to mention clearly on your page that you will follow the standard procedure of using log file.

Cookies and web beacons#:

Cookies are used to store the information of visitors that what browser they are using, from where and which page the visitors are accessing. 

Advertising Partners#:

You have to mention your advertising partners and make clear that they have their own privacy and policy.

Third Party Privacy Polices#:

You have mention clearly about that your privacy policy is not applicable to third party advertisers. And they have their own privacy and policy that the website visitors have to follow.

Children's Information#:

You have to mentions clearly that your website do not collect any types of personal information of children under the age of 13. And you have to add the protection of children while using your websites.

How to generate privacy policy Page?

Here, I will give you the best and very easy way to create your privacy policy page. You have generate your privacy policy page from
Follow the given steps to generate your page:


Click on the given link


Add your company name, website name, and your website URL address. If you don't have involved in any company then you can enter your website name at the place of company name.
and Click on Next.

create privacy policy page


 Enter your country and state and again Click on Next.

create privacy policy page


Enter your email address and Click on generate my privacy policy.

create privacy policy page


Click on copy text to clip board.

create privacy policy page


Go to your blogger and create new page. Name it privacy policy and change in to HTML view.

create privacy policy page


Paste the code and click on compose view.

create privacy policy page


Your privacy policy page is ready. Now click on publish.

create privacy policy page

So, in this way you can create your privacy policy page very easily.


Today we learnt about how to create best privacy policy page in 2020I hope after reading this post you don't need to read another article for this page and you can create your privacy policy page very easily. I will publish more helpful articles for you so keep reading my articles, loving and Supporting.
                            THANK YOU!