What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and its types?


What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and its types?

What is SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
What is SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

If you are a blogger and you don't know about What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)Then I recommend you to read this article completely.

It will be very important article for you if you are a blogger and want to make good money from blogging.

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What is SEO?

Do you ever think that how many bloggers are there in the whole world? There are millions of blogger either they are working in a team, organization, or personally.

They are publishing thousands of articles on the same topic or same niche per minute. Then can you imagine that how the visitors can find your article on the google search engine?

If your article is not reachable to visitors then  how can you get traffic from google search engine?
So, if you want to make your article reachable to visitors and you want form google to show your article on the google first page, Then you have to follow some tips and tricks that is you have optimize your website, article, content everything that you can do for it.

This optimizing technique to rank your article on google first page is called SEO which stands for search engine optimization.

You can say this is a kind of technique, trick, setting or any magic that you have to do with your article , content, website home page, permalink etc. to tell the search engine platforms and visitors indirectly that your content and article is better than others.

After this if anyone searches anything related to your keywords then Google or other search engine platforms will show your article on the top of the page. And you can rank very easily and get high organic traffic form search engine by using this trick.

Types of SEO

Basically, It can be divided in to two types. 


 This is the best and most important for our article to rank on google. We have to understand that content is the king. If your content is not powerful then you can never rank your article.
So, while writing any article then it is very important to focus on content and on page SEO.

It can be done while we are writing our content or article related to any topic.
Here we have to focus on Headings, Keyword placement, Keyword engagement in article, Labels, Permalink, Metatags, Search descriptions, Internal linking etc.


It is also very important to make your website SEO friendly. But If you are new in blogging then I will recommend you to give more time and focus on ON-Page SEO then only you can rank your articles and become successful on blogging.

Here, we have to change different settings that is available on our blogger website. Here, the focus is not on article it is on indexing, crawling, tags, layout, design, customization Logo, heading and so on.

Importance of SEO

As we already discussed that today there are millions of publishers who are working on different niches. So, Among them how can you show that your article and content is better than others and it should be rank on google or other search engines?

So, we can imagine that how much it is difficult to rank and get traffics on our website  form google and search engine platforms. There is huge competitions between publishers to rank on search engine platforms.

To overcome the competition we have to optimize our website and article in very clever and perfect way then only google and other search engine platforms will show your post to the visitors on first page.

Now days in 2020\2021, it the era of competition in blogging. If your are writing an articles continuously but you SEO score is zero. Then you can never get success in blogging.

So, now you can think the importance of SEO.   

What should be Optimize?

For SEO you have to focus on so many things but here I will tell you some important part that must need to be optimized. 

The most important parts that you have to follow are:

Domain name:

Your domain name should be related to your niche that in what niche you want to start  a blog.


You have to add your descriptions related to your niche and use your main keywords for this.


It is the main and first part  that you have to follow while writing an article. You have to use long tail keyword for your topic H1 heading on your article. Use lot of similar(not repeated) keywords related to your main keyword. Your keyword placement should be natural and you have not to repeat same keyword otherwise it will be keyword stuffing.


The content should be unique not copy paste. We know that Content is the king, if your content is not powerful and unique then it will affect to your SEO.


The headings should be manage properly. Your article should contain single H1 but H2, H3 and H4 headings can be repeated multiple of time.


 Your permalink should contain the keywords related to your article. Do not use incomplete permalink.

Similarly,  there are lot of other factors that you have to optimize and make SEO friendly. These are the main and important factors that is necessary to optimize.


Today we learnt about What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and its types. After reading this article I hope it is clear and you have no any more confusion about SEO. If you have any query related to this topic or blogging then you can contact me and comment on the comment section.
                THANK YOU!