what is google adsense ?


what is google adsense ?

What is google adsense
What is google adsense

Now days every blogger wants fast approval of google adsense on their blogs

So, Today we will discuss about what is google adsense and how much can we earn from google adsense?


Google Adsense is Service provided by google which monetizes traffics on your blogs or websites and it provides third-party advertisement on your blog by which you can earn money from your websites or blogs depending upon how that how much traffic you are getting on your blog in a month/daily/or yearly.

There are many ways and methods to monetize traffics on your blog or websites and getting these advertisement on your blogs but google adsense  is the most popular method.



earning from google adsense

There is no any fixed amount and limitations of your earning from google adsense. It depends upon so many factors. The list of factors in which your earning depends are given below:


            The main factor to earn money from your website is your website's traffic that how much traffic you  are getting on your websites in a month and it vary every month according to your traffics. More traffics on your website provides you more earning and number of traffics always vary according to your contents and website's attraction. Good and unique content will always keep your traffic increasing.

Time duration:  

          Time duration  of visitors that is in how much time the readers of your blog are leaving your blog.The more time that visitors are staying on your blog will help you to earn more.


            The more number of advertisement on your blog will give you more earning and if any person or any visitors are clicking on that advertisement on your blog will increase your earning.

Affiliate marketing:

            You can also add the link of affiliate marketing on your blog and you can do affiliate market on your blog also. If any people click your link and buy that items or products from your provided link on your blog then you can get commission from affiliate and you can increase your earning.


adsense approval guide

To get approval of google adsense on your blog you have to maintain so many factors on your blog. Your blog should fulfill the the different conditions of google.

The factors you need to maintain on your blog are listed below:


      It is the most important factor for adsense approval The should be according to your topic and should be impressive for your blog visitors.


        It is that part of your blog in which  you can edit and change your blog's design according to your choice. You have to setup your website very  properly in a professional way. To setup your website you have to go on layout section and edit in your choice.


       You have to do different settings on your blog. It is most important for SEO (search engine optimization) on your blog. Otherwise you can not get approval from adsense.


       It is the most important part of your blog.You must have to create four(4) pages on your blog or websites. The pages are About us,  contact us, disclaimer and privacy policy. Without these pages you can never get approval form google adsense.


       Your content should be very good that public really wants to search and read. and it should be unique, SEO friendly, minimum 1000-1500 words and moile friendly that when any one opens it in their mobile then it should response fast. 

And another things is you must have to write at least 10-12 good posts to get adsense approval.


Today we learnt about what is google adsense and how much can we earn from google adsense. I hope you all will like my article please keep reading and follow my blog.

               THANK YOU!