What are the online services and job platforms in Nepal in 2020 ?


What are the online services and job platforms in Nepal in 2020 ?

What are online services in nepal
What are online services in nepal


Basically, we know that Nepal is a weak country in technology. There is lack so many technical and online services. Most of the people in Nepal are uneducated and they don't know about any online services or other technology related things.

The main reasons of Nepal to be very weak in technology field are maximum number of uneducated people in Nepal and another main factor of Nepal to be very weak in technology is the politics of Nepal. The government of Nepal is also the reason of poor technology because the If the government really want then it can serve and provide so many international platforms and online international services to Nepali people. But the government is not careless and not focusing on the problems of online international services and platforms. 

Today i am going to share the online national and international services of Nepal in different sectors. So the list of the different sectors to of online services and platforms in Nepal are given below:


In Nepal there are only limited number of banks which provides online account opening services such banks are Nabil bank, NIC Asia bank etc. And you have to visit bank once to verify your KYC. But many more banks in Nepal are still not providing this service which is very much important. The other services that bank provides to us are e-banking, mobile banking etc. By using these services you can transfer money from one bank to another bank account also but in around the Nepal only. You can topup your mobile balance, e-sewa account and other many services.

Share Market

The present online condition of Nepali share market is very poor and unreliable. The online DEMAT and Trading account opening system is still the problem and is going to be apply in Nepal from August/September of 2020. Now you can imagine that how much This online service is weak in Nepal even in 2020. We still can not trade in Nepal using online share market system in proper way. There are so many problems and lack of good online services in share market field of Nepal.

Online payment

payment in nepal

The main problem of Nepal in online payment system is international payment system. It is very big problem of Nepal in online payment system except the payoneer. It is the only services which we can use in Nepal. Paypal is still the problem and have not approved to use and link with Nepali banks so now we can imagine that how much big problem it is.

But there are some national services in Nepal which are e-sewa, connect IPS, khalti etc. Among these services e-sewa is the most popular service because of its services and easiness to use and create an account. Using these services we can do online transactions in all over the Nepal very easily but we can not do internationally to other countries. 

Online Shopping

There are many online shopping websites are available in Nepal. Among them the famous and top online shopping websites are daraz.com, sastodeal.com, esanshar.com, thulo.com, socheko.com,okdam.com etc. we can do online shopping from these websites in all over the Nepal very easily and they have been provided us to home delivery service to with extra charge.But the service is limited to city area only. We can not get home delivery service to rural areas and we know that there is lot of rural areas in Nepal. These are the websites that serve online shopping facility in Nepal But the services are limited to Nepal only. They should provide worldwide service but for this purpose international payment and transaction service is must.

So, due to the problem of  international payment and transaction, international online shopping service is still a great problem of Nepal. It is very difficult to do online shopping From international shopping websites in Nepal. So the government must have to focus on these problems and need to start a great initiation in international payment method.

Online job platforms

There is great problem for Nepali people to do some online part time or full time job from their own native land. Because of the international payment system it has become a vital problem for Nepalese to start some online job and earn money from other countries. The paypal account system must should be approved in Nepali banks to link with it.

If these problem get solved, then most of the youth people of Nepal can get so many opportunities for online job platforms and they can earn foreign money at their own native land and it will be also beneficial for Nepal government.

There is only few number of platforms for Nepali people to do online job. If any one wants to earn money from online and start a online job then he/she has only limited options like youtube, blogging, freelancing, affiliate marketing etc. Among these platforms freelancing and affiliate marketing is very hard to do and get payment in Nepal. In very easy and reliable option there will remain only one option that is to earn from google Adsense. Either you can be Youtuber or Blogger. 

So the government must have to solve these problems to faciliate people for new online job opportunities.

Online education

We can see that online education and online teaching system is very weak in Nepal.The number of Online teaching and online education serving  school/colleges in Nepal are hardly equal to 2 or 3 or NA. 

If any school/ colleges want to provide online education then the option will be zoom aap. And it have been just applied on the  season of corona virus. Before corona virus online education was like a dream or only thought of people. 

So, for online education there need to faciliate more advance and reliable platforms for online education in Nepal.

Online forms

Online form means if you have to apply for any job, licences, admission in any institute then that entity should provide you to fill the form with online system. 

There is rarely 3-4 entities which provides online form filling service. Some of the institution are NTC for job applying system, Loksewa aayog for government job, Online driving license etc. Now days some other so many institutions are also starting to provide online form filling service which is very good thing for us.


So, Today we knew that what kind of online services are available in Nepal in different sectors and what are the problems of different sectors to govern us for online system services in Nepal.

I hope you all will like this article after reading this. Keep supporting and if i have done any mistakes or if you have any query about this topic then you can feel free to contact us and comment on this page.