How to make online money in Nepal
How to make online money in Nepal

Nepal is a poor country and there is lack of Technology. People in Nepal are very much weak in technical things and must of the people don`t have any idea about technology related topics.

Must of the Nepali  People use to do hard work to earn money in our country and also they went to foreign country to earn good money. Many People are still Unemployed in Nepal. So, There is a chance to those Nepali People who do not have any job, if they learn about online money earning system and other technical related things with the help of internet then they can also earn good money in there own country.

Most of the Nepali People don`t know to use internet properly. They think internet means only facebook, instagram and other social media only. If they can use internet properly they can learn so many things and increase their knowledge. 

There are many methods to make money online only that you need is focus on your target. After making a strong decision you need to do some research about that how can you make money online without any investment. But you have to work hard very honestly at initial state and may be you will fail to do some work you can not get success instantly. But you should take action continuously without stopping.

Here I will Give you 4 tips and platforms about online earning/making money:


make money on youtube

Youtube is one of the most popular platform from where you can share your idea, talent, knowledge and make money online.once you started making and uploading videos on youtube you need to have to make strong decision that you will not stop working on your youtube channel. After making 20-25 videos and getting 1k subscriber you can apply for google adsense to add advertisement on your channel videos and after doing this you can earn easily through adsense.


make money on blogging

Blogging is a google service which is provided free to the google users. Wordpress is also the platform for Blogging but we need to pay for Domain and Hosting in Wordpress. By using blogging we can write articles and different contents on any topic but we need to have good knowledge about that topic. We can use our talent and knowledge on blogging and whatever we know about any topic we can share though blogging to other people.

The advantages of blogging is that we can earn some revenue using blogging. But We have to increase traffic to our blogsites and we need to have google adsense approval on our websites.


online money on freelancer

Freelancing is also the most popular in foreign country including India also. In freelancing there two types of people, one the job poster and other the workers. If you have any knowledge like Photoshop, video editing, logo design, website design, app design, data entry, article witting, ms word skill then you can do work on freelancing.

 But due international payment system it is little bit hard to do in Nepal. But You can also do in Nepal if you have any services to withdraw money in Nepal. You need a international valid card to withdraw money. If you have any friends or relatives on other country then you can call them to withdraw money from Nepal.


money on affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular method to earn money online. In  affiliate marketing you have to promote and increase the numbers o costumer of any online shopping websites or companies which provide you to affiliate their products on your websites or other platforms.

If any costumer go through your link provided by you on your website or other platform and buy that product then that company will give you some 5-20% of commission. Some of the companies provides up to 40-70% of commission also.

In foreign country it is most popular but in Nepal there is a lack of digital marketing companies. There are only nearly 2-3 digital marketing companies in Nepal which provides you to affiliate their products. But the income will not be much more as our expectation.   


Today we learnt about 4 tips to earn money from online very easily from your own home and your own country also in Nepal. After reading this post we will be able to earn money from online.I hope you all will like it. If you have any queries about any topic then you can comment freely.

       THANK YOU!!!!!