How to Customize and Setup Blogger Professionally in 2020?


How to Customize and Setup Blogger Professionally in 2020?


How to Customize and setup blogger
How to Customize and setup blogger

Today, i will share about how to setup and customize blogger professionally like a wordpress. If you are new in blogging and you have not still customized your blog professionally then this will be very important article for you. so, don't leave the blog post page without reading completely.

Customization of a Blog

Blog Customization and design is very important part of blogging. Once when you start blogging and created your own blog, then to earn money from it you need to get adsense approval on your blog.

So, for adsense approval you need to setup and customize your website very properly and professionally otherwise you can not get adsense approval and it will tell you some reason behind your blog to be not approved for adsense.

If you have customized and designed your your website professionally then it will look very attractive and people(visitors) will also love your site due to impressive look. It will also increase your traffic and more traffic means more income and earning.

It also help to rank in google top pages. Google always monitors for best websites/blogs which have unique content and very well customized site. And google show those type pages and websites on its front pages or top pages. Which will help you to rank in google.

Ranking in google means getting very high traffic in to your website which will increase your revenue.

Why a Blog Customization is Necessary?

As we already discussed above we can now understand that why customization is necessary for blogging. Here is Some list that why it is necessary:

  • Your blogger website's look will be professional as like wordpress website.
  • Your blog will be impressive for audience and they will stay for long time into your blog.
  • Traffic will be increase into your blog.
  • It helps to rank in google's top pages.
  • Earning revenue will be increase and you can earn more than expected.

Installation of Theme/Template

We know that there is a limited options and and plugins into blogger's theme that has been provided to us and we can not design  our website professionally using those themes.

So, for professional designing we need to download and install another theme for our website.

We can simply download and install theme from google. We can search for free blogger's theme on google search engine and there are so many free themes or templates available for blogger.

Choose appropriate theme for your blogger's topic and check about what kind of design you can do with that template/theme.

After choosing suitable theme you can simply download and install that theme.

How to customize and design a blog

Now, finally we will discuss about how to download appropriate theme and customize our blog according to our choice.

Step1#: go to the site And choose the theme Ulite you can also choose different theme. Click on that theme.

theme store

Step2#: Download that theme.

customize blogger

Step3#: For installation of theme extract zip file to folder.

customize blogger

Step4#: Go to your blogger's theme options and click on option near to customize. And there is option for restore. click on that.

customize blogger

Step5#: Go to file you have extracted from download zip file. And choose .xml file to upload. After doing this your theme will be uploaded successfully.

customize blogger

Step6#: After uploading theme go to the layout option on your blogger. Now to edit and customize it is on your hand how do you want to setup your website. For uploading Logo go to header logo option and click on edit option.

logo header edit

Step7#: Then remove current logo and choose your logo from your computer and upload it. After uploading click on save.

logo upload

Step8#: Then For main menu bar, similarly follow the same process. go to on edit then, enter name and web address of your pages or articles which you want to display on main bar. And then click on save.

customize blogger

main menu edit

Step9#: Similarly, you can customize your all sections with same process and you can design your website as your choice

So, follow the process and practice it for few time. After doing this up to 4 to 5 times for all section you will be able to change the design and  you can do very well professional design for your website. 


Today, we learnt about how to install theme and how to design and customize our blogger website professionally as in WordPress. I hope this will be helpful for you and you will love this article. If you have any query about this article or you have ask any thing to me then feel free to contact me my contact page or you can simply comment on the comment section.

         THANK YOU!