How to Create Contact Us page in 2020?


How to Create Contact Us page in 2020?

Create contact us page
Create contact us page

Today, I am going to share  you about how to create contact us page on blogger in 2020.

 If you are new on blogger and you are facing problem to create this page, then, this will be the best article for you. So, read this article completely.

What is Contact Us page?

We all know that, there is a contact us page in every websites. And we may have visited that pages of some websites. When we visit some websites, if we like some articles or anything and we want to know more about that topic or anything related that article from the website’s owner then we need to contact with them.

Not only individual people sometimes some companies, institutes also like to contact with them, If the website and their article and contents are very useful and provides us a good knowledge.

So, This page is created to make the easiest communication system with article writer and visitors/readers.

Basically, It is one of the most important page to be created for bloggers and website designers to make easy communication system with website visitors.

There are 4 major pages to be created in blog. About us, contact us, disclaimer and privacy policy.

Why to Create Contact us Page?

As we already discussed above that how it has make us easy to contact and communicate with visitors. We can understand that why we need to create contact us page.

The anther main reason to create a contact us page is that if you are a blogger then obviously you want to earn some revenue from google adsense.

If you want the approval of adsense on your blog then, this page will be mandatory to create. Otherwise adsense won’t approve your blog and can’t earn from adsense.

Other various reason to create a this page are listed below:

  • If you are blogger and want google adsense approval on your blog, then it is mandatory to create it on your blog.
  • By creating contact us page google adsense and your site visitors trust with you will be increased.
  •  Without contact us page your blog won’t be professional and you can never rank on google  first page.
  • Without this page your blog visitors can not contact with you if they have any queries and questions to ask with you.
  •  When visitors can't contact you then your blog visitors will be unhappy and disappoint with you and they will never visit again to your blog.
  • You can never build your carrier on blogging if you have not created this page.
  •  If you have some official website then your site visitors can easily contact with  you.


·         Now you can understand that how much important is to create this page. So, If you still haven’t create this page on your blog then recommend you create it right now.


How to Create Contact Us Page?

If you are creating a this page then it should be very professional and easy to use and contact with you for visitors.

Today, I will tell you how to create contact us page in professional way. I have also used the same process create my page.

Follow the procedure step by step:


Go to the google search engine and search for contact us page HTML.


Scroll down and see for website or you can simply click on this link.

how to create contact us page


Scroll down then you can see option for copy HTML code for the form. Simply click on it.

how to create contact us page


Then you will see HTML code for contact us page. Select all and copy it.

how to create contact us page


Go to your blogger, select page option and click on new page.

how to create contact us page


Write contact us on your title and then select HTML view from the option.

how to create contact us page


Paste the HTML code to the page and change the email ID and replace it with your email ID.

how to create contact us page


Change your HTML view in to compose view. Then you can see your page have been created and looks like in the picture given below

how to create contact us page


Click on publish your contact us page is ready, now you can check it either it is working or not.

how to create contact us page

In this way you can create contact us page very easily.

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Today, we learnt about how to create contact us page in 2020. After reading this article you will understand about contact us page, it’s important and how to create it on your blogger. I hope you will like and love this article.

                                                                          THANK YOU!


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