What is E-Commerce: Types, Advantages, Disadvantages?


What is E-Commerce: Types, Advantages, Disadvantages?

What is E commerce
What is E commerce

Today we will discuss about what is E-commerce  it's advantages , disadvantages, how to start E-commerce  business and so many related things.

So, if you don't know anything about it or if you have any confusion about it then read this article completely.

What is E-Commerce?

E-commerce refers to electronic commerce, which means commercial business using the help of internet. Now days there are so many facilities are available for us such as online shopping in which we only need to open our laptop or computer and order the required goods, products, gadgets or any other so many things that we need and we will receive that particular product within 1 day or in few hours. This is only because of E-commerce which actually means.

That every type of work, business or shopping etc which involves internet for their purpose and execution they will called E-commerce . Here consumer only need to order the product and the delivery of that product is done by the help of service provider of that online platform.

It also involves online money transaction in which consumer/costumer need to pay online for the ordered product with the help of VISA card, Mastercard or using other online money transfer services.

For E-commerce there are so many platforms or we simply can say online websites in which these type of services are available. For example Amazon, Ebey, flipkart,Quikr etc which are one of the popular online shopping websites.

Types of E-Commerce?

Business to Business(B2B):

In Business to Business there are two companies and they deal with each other to execute their business run their companies. There are not any kind of  involvement  of consumer or costumer. This type of transaction or deals are done with only wholesalers, manufactures, retailers etc.

Business to Consumer(B2C):

Here, the consumer or costumer buy some goods, products, gadgets or any other services from the online websites in which the companies provides this type of services. And there are direct contact of company and consumers. The platforms or websites where company sells the products may be Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart etc.

Consumer to Business(C2B):

In this type of system consumer provides their services to the companies. The services may include anything like goods or other work services. The main example for C2B is freelancing. In freelancing consumer provides their hard work and services to the different companies.

Consumer to Consumer(C2C):

In this type of system there is only contact of two consumers not any kind of involvement of companies. Here, one consumer sell their personal goods to other. For example people put their gadgets like bike, car, laptop other so many things on online selling websites and another type of people who want that type of goods buy form those websites.

Advantages of E-Commerce

There are so many advantages of E-commerce  some of the main advantages are listed below:
  • The main advantage is that it is time saving and if any one do not have time to go market for buying a particular item then they can order on online very easily.
  • Costumer and seller do not need to meet each other, there is virtual contact with them.
  • Many times there are so many offers are available for costumers to buy any particular goods or items.
  • If costumer have not money with them then they can pay online directly from their bank account.
  • Costumer have many options to buy any items or goods, they can choose in different online websites globally. They are not limited to buy in any particular market.
  • 24 hour service is available. There is not fixed time to buy any item you can buy any time by ordering from your laptop, computer, smartphones.

Disadvantages of E-Commerce

  • There are very high competition between different online shopping platforms.
  • Sometimes many companies have to keep their margin very low to lead another companies which results in loss of companies.
  •  The online portal cost, maintenance of hardware and software and requirement of well trained employee.
  • If website or server goes down or any simple mistake/ problems on online portal will affect the whole system.
  • If shipping, delivery services are not good or costumer then the costumers will be dissatisfied and unhappy.
  • Security problems may be encounter on online in which identity, credit card and other sensitive information of costumer may be the big concerns with costumers.

How to start E-Commerce Business?

To start business in E-commerce we have to focus and understand so many things, otherwise we can have very big loss.
We most have very big understanding on this sector that how can we achieve profit on it.
The different factors you have to analyze. Some of the tips and steps to start this business are given below:

  • First you have to analyze before starting is the platform/websites in which you can feel easy and which provide good services.
  • Analyze that which online shopping websites gives good delivery service, which have good name and business brand, which have large number costumers etc. 
  • Then you have to understand that which will give you your money in to the time, how much commission they will take and you have to do satisfying agreement with them.
  • Then after choosing the platform either amazon, Ebay, flipkart etc. in which website you want to sell your products. Then you have to apply for registrations for your goods or other product business that you want to sell to respective platform company.
  • When they conformed your registration, they will ask you to send your product's picture and description about that product. 
  • You have to provide good quality pictures which attract the costumers and very well and satisfying descriptions. 

In this process you can join online shopping websites and you can start E-commerce business very easily.


Today we learnt about what is E-commerce  , it's advantages, disadvantages and how to start E-commerce  business. I hope this will be helpful for you and you all will love it. If you have any query about this then please contact me in contact section or you can comment also.
      THANK YOU!