how to create freelancer account and earn online money in 2020 in Nepal?


how to create freelancer account and earn online money in 2020 in Nepal?

How to create freelancer account and earn online money
How to create freelancer account and earn online money

Today we will discuss about How to create freelancer account and earn money in 2020 in Nepal.

So, if you are new in freelancer and want to earn online money form home then this article completely. 


Freelancing is the most popular platform for online work that can be done in our home/office in any time. You can also do some part time job whenever you want and wherever you want. Only you need a computer/Laptop and internet connection on that.It is so much popular in  foreign country including India also. In freelancing there two types of people, one the job poster who want to hire a freelancer to do their work in a certain time and the other is freelancer who need a job/contract to do either part time or full time. If you have any knowledge like Photoshop, video editing, logo design, website design, app design, data entry, article witting, ms word skill and so many other skills and knowledge based on computer then you can do online work on freelancing very easily.


There is no any services to withdraw directly your money from freelancer to your bank account. Due to international payment system it is little bit hard to do in Nepal but not impossible. You can also do in Nepal if you have any services to withdraw money in Nepal. You need a international valid card to withdraw money from freelancing. The international valid card is only given to the people who have to go outside the country and they can take it from their bank which provides the service. The other option is if you have any friends or relatives on other country then you can call them to withdraw money or you can transfer your money from freelancer to your relatives or friends account to the other country and then they will send it to the Nepal to you. But the person to whom you are sending your money should be trustable. 

      So, It is clear that you can also also do freelancing job from Nepal.


freelancer in nepal

1. Go to the google search Engine.

2. Type Freelancer and open the first page.Or directly type on your URL.

3. Click on Sign Up button and sign up with your google account.

4. Then choose your username and click on next.

5. If want to work then click on i want to work. 

6. Then select your skills or you can search your skill on search bar. You can select multiple skills or all those which you know very properly. And click on next step

7. Then setup your profile. Enter your name, Languages you know and your Experience  on your skills. Click on next step.

8. Then it will ask for payment details. Just leave it for now and click on skip for now.

9. Again click on skip for now. Then will Enter into the freelancer home page on your account and your account creation process will be done.


So, Today we learnt about what is freelancer , how to create freelancer account and earn online money in 2020 in Nepal using this platform and how to create an account from any country including Nepal. i hope you all will like this article and if you have any query about this article then feel free to ask me on my contact page or in comment section.