How to start blogging in Nepal in 2021
How to start blogging in Nepal in 2021

Note: Last Updated in 2021 January

Today I am going to share about how to start blogging in Nepal in 2021. So, if you are Nepali and want to start blogging seriously and want to earn money from blog in Nepal then you have to read this article completely. It is one of the best platform to make online money.

Generally, there are two platforms to start a blog. One is WordPress which is the best platform but we need to pay for Domain and Hosting in WordPress. And another is a blogger which is free of cost.

But if you want to do full time blogging seriously then you must have to go through WordPress. Because there are so many tools and plugins are available in WordPress and you can grow your website very easily and fast and also you can customize it very professionally.

You can also go through blogger if you do not want to invest at first but there are limited tools and plugins and you can not design it professionally as like in WordPress.

Before going to the content and Starting a complete guide let's see how to start blogging in Nepal in just 9 simple steps.


  • Step1#: Choose a perfect niche that you have a good idea about that
  • Step2#: Choose your blogging platform among blogger and WordPress
  • Step3#: Create a Blog
  • Step4#: Add a custom domain to your Blog.
  • Step5#: Create important Pages. About us, Contact us and privacy Policy.
  • Step6#: Start publishing an article.
  • Step7#: Apply for Google AdSense or you can do affiliate also.
  • Step8#: Manage ads and show them on your blog.
  • Step9#: Start earning money from a blog.


Before going to how to start blogging in Nepal 2021, let's know something about blogging.

Blogging refers to writing paragraphs, contents, articles and so many other things related to any topic that you know and publishing them on the online platform so that readers can find your articles and they can get some help and knowledge about that.

You can start a free blog also in blogger which is a service provided by Google.

Basically, Blogger is a Google service that is provided free to Google users. By using it we can easily write articles and different contents on any topic but we need to have good knowledge about that topic. We can use our talent and knowledge and whatever we know about anything we can share it with other people.

If you have an article writing passion and you want to earn money from blogger in Nepal, then you can start blogging. 

But you have to do very hard work at the starting phase. Because it is very difficult to understand and get success in this field because you have to learn so many things to get success and it will take at least 1 to 2 years to become a successful blogger.


There are so many types of according to the niches. It depends on you that in what type of niche you want to start blogging. According to different niches, your revenue will also change. Because the CPC(cost per click) rate for different niches is different.

But you have to choose only those topics in which you are expert and you have deep knowledge about that topic. Otherwise, you can not get success and you will finally get disappointed.

Some types of blogs are:

  • Personal blog
  • Travel blog
  • Business blog
  • Political blog
  • News blog etc

You can choose your category in a specific topic also, that is you can choose micro niches also to do blogging in which specific topic you have deep knowledge about it.



To earn money from blog in Nepal you have to first start a very good and successful blog and get AdSense approval to show advertisements on your blog's articles and pages. And for this, your blog content should be very unique, and you have to write very good and quality articles targeting the audience what they really want.

You have to drive more traffic on your website’s pages to earn more and more from blogging. 

Initially, you won't get organic traffics from google so to increase traffic you have to share your post on social media platforms. 

You can also do affiliate on your blog by adding the links of different products and services into your pages which will also increase your revenue.

If your blog posts are ranking in Google's top pages that audience searches then your traffic will highly increase and if your traffic increases then, of course, your revenue will also increase.

To rank in google search pages you have to write very unique content, you have to do settings for SEO (search engine optimization) and your posts should be SEO friendly. To learn these things you must have to read and analyze popular blogs. You can get so many ideas from them.

You can also watch YouTube videos and learn these things to rank in google first pages.

Once your posts start ranking in google then your traffic and your revenue will increase very rapidly. 



start blogging in nepal in 2021


Nepal is a poor country and there is a lack of Technology. People in Nepal are very much weak in technical things and most of the people don't have any idea about technology-related topics.

Most of the Nepali  People used to do hard work to earn money in our country and also they went to foreign countries to earn good money. Many People are still Unemployed in Nepal. So, there is a chance for those Nepali People who do not have any job, if they learn about online money earning systems and other technology-related things with the help of the internet then they can also earn good money in their own country.

Most of the Nepali People don't know how to use the internet properly. They think the internet means only Facebook, Instagram, and other social media only. If they can use the internet properly they can learn so many things and increase their knowledge. They need to know about Youtube, Blogging, Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, and so on.  



There are two platforms to create your own blog:

  •  WordPress which need to be paid
  •  Blogger Which is Free of cost

To start a blog in WordPress you have to invest on domain and web hosting.

But in blogger, you do not need to pay for web hosting because here google will provide you a free subdomain and your blog will be hosted by Google itself. 

Here I will share you how to create free blog in blogger. So follow the steps carefully.

Step1#: At first you have to Search for a blogger in the google search engine.

Step2#: Then you should click on the first page in which the site name will be

create blog in nepal


Step3#: Click on create your own blog.


create blog in nepal

Step4#: Sign in with your Google account.


create blog in nepal

Step5#: Give the Title of your blog and click on next.


create blog in nepal

Step 6#: Choose the URL/Domain name for your blog and click on next.

create blog in nepal

Step7#: Confirm  Your name to display and  Click on finish.


create blog in nepal

Step8#: After finishing you will be entered into your blog.


create blog in nepal

Here is an overview of the complete steps to create your free blog in Nepal.

How to Create a Free Blog in Nepal in 8 steps?

  • Step1#: Search for the blogger on Google.
  • Step2#: Click on
  • Step3#: Then click on create your own blog.
  • Step4#: Sign in with any of your Google accounts.
  • Step5#: Enter the title of your blog and click on next.
  • Step6#: Enter the Domain name of your blog and click on next.
  • Step7#: Confirm your title name and  Click on finish.
  • Step8#: Your blog will be successfully created.


The advantage of blogging is that we can earn some revenue using this online job platform. But We have to increase traffic to our websites and we need to have Google Adsense approval on our websites. There other so many advantages are listed below: 

  • You can increase your knowledge.
  • Your English writing skill will be improved.
  • You can earn more than your job but you need to do hard work to start and get success.
  • A solution to the unemployment problem in Nepal.
  • You can use your knowledge and share your knowledge with others whenever you are free.
  • You can convert your article writing passion into your income.


So, Today we learned about how to start blogging in Nepal in 2021how to earn money from a blog in Nepal, and how to create a blog in Nepal.  I hope this will very helpful to you and after reading this article I hope that you can start blogging in Nepal and earn online money very easily. If you have any queries about this topic then you can contact us and comment freely.

                                              THANK YOU!